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Mission: To meet the educational, developmental and spiritual needs of our Orthodox children in a warm, loving, Christian environment. Our aim is to provide students with the highest level of instruction, care, attention and tools that they need to succeed in this world while also training their hearts and minds for the world to come. As parents and teachers, it is our calling to do our utmost to raise saints. With prayer, our staff will work together with parents and local priests to raise our children to be truly loving, caring, thoughtful and intelligent human beings, capable of and motivated to, live up to their full God-given potential.

God willing, opening September 2018.

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Contact: info@htoca.com

Updates:  Are you a parent of a prospective student? If so, we would be happy to send you e-mail updates regarding the progress of the HTOCA. Glory to God, the HTOCA has a professionally-staffed Orthodox Christian Board of Directors  and Planning Committee (OCT, PhD, MD, MBA, LL.B., CPA, etc.) that meet regularly. We are actively and prayerfully making arrangements for the HTOCA to open in September 2018. Would you like to stay informed and receive an invitation to a Parent Information Night at the school? Please submit your email. Thank you.

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